iPark Virtual Partnering

iPark Virtual Partnering is a platform supporting diverse forms of cocreation among resident
and member companies of Shonan iPark.

Search companies by keywords you are curious about

Contact directly a company representative that interests you

Use the platform anytime year-round

Connect with companies from an array of sectors

Past Collaborations​​​​​​​

We're launching iPark Virtual Partnering to further accelerate collaboration!


Examples of Past Collaborations

Technical collaboration on automated design of innovative
compounds for realizing AI-driven drug discovery

Joint preclinical research on cell therapy and low-molecular-weight
drugs aimed at clinical application of iPS cell research

Partnership aimed at developing technologies that support in silico
drug discovery for more efficient creation of candidate compounds

Providing support in cell manipulation and development of associated technologies

Service Flow

iPark Virtual Partnering is available to use without having to go through iPark Office.

Keyword search for companies that interest you

Approach a company directly using the platform's chat function

Set a meeting date and time using the calendar function

Hold a meeting online

Partnering Week

iPark holds Partnering Week once a month. The week features special events in addition
to automatic scheduling of a meeting date and time for companies you have requested an appointment with.


During other weeks...

You can message and hold meetings with companies that interest you at any time in the month.
Please schedule meetings in your discussions with each company.

Sectors and Companies

Collaborate with researchers, entrepreneurs, and companies in an array of fields.